What to expect:

  • Regular emails to support you in your health journey
  • ​Women's health remedies and natural health recommendations
  • All things periods, ovulation, PMT and how to best support your female health
  • Tips and advice on how to support yourself in a natural holistic way, through homeopathy and lifestyle
I am a registered homeopath, qualified teacher and mother to 2 beautiful children.

I have always been interested in natural remedies and complementary approaches to health and am passionate about helping and supporting women who want to use a natural approach to treat both themselves and their family, without the need for harsh drugs or chemicals. 

I actively try to reduce my family’s exposure to unnecessary chemicals in the home and am keen on green cleaning. I love using essential oils as a tool for natural living, often use them as an addition to homeopathic treatment, replacements for perfumes and in my recipes for cleaning products.