Where you will:

  • Gain access to the EASY swaps, tips and hacks that you can use to live naturally with your family
  • Access information from a REGISTERED HOMEOPATH (that's me!!) on the invaluable homeopathic remedies to use with your family and in the home
  • ​Learn about how to live LOW-TOX in the home, using easy to come by natural ingredients
  •  Join a thriving online community of like minded members all keen to support their families in a natural and holistic way 
I am a registered homeopath, qualified teacher and mother to 2 beautiful children.

I have always been interested in natural remedies and complementary approaches to health and am passionate about helping and supporting women who want to use a natural approach to treat both themselves and their family, without the need for harsh drugs or chemicals. 

I actively try to reduce my family’s exposure to unnecessary chemicals in the home and am keen on green cleaning. I love using essential oils as a tool for natural living, often use them as an addition to homeopathic treatment, replacements for perfumes and in my recipes for cleaning products. 
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